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Like so many things this year, the Reforesting Scotland Annual Gathering was a bit different from normal. Our usual physical get-together, with shared dining, a ceilidh and lots of mingling, would neither have been sensible or legal, so we embraced the idea of an online event and decided to make the most of the positives that this format offers.

It was an all-day event with the usual mix of speakers, visits, discussions and music. We had a spread of topics that you could dip in and out of the event during the day. We emphasised speakers from islands and overseas, who might usually find it difficult to get to a Gathering. Speakers included: Duncan Halley, a Scottish researcher based in Norway, on what Norway’s experience of reforestation can teach us here; Maggie Fyffe of the Eigg Trust on 23 years of community ownership of an island; and Kate Holl on ‘Reflowering Scotland’.

Event Details:

  • Date: Saturday 21st November 2020
  • Time: 10am – 9.30pm
  • Open to all, members and non-members
  • Price: Registration is free, but donations encouraged (suggested donation £10)

The event was run on the Zoom platform, recorded and broadcast live on our Facebook group.


  • 10:00 Main speaker: Duncan Halley – Reforesting Norway and Scotland
  • 11:00 Main speaker: Maggie Fyffe – Community Ownership on Eigg
  • 12:00 Peter Livingstone – Visit to the Yearnstane Project
  • 13:00 Isle Martin Trust – Visit to Isle Martin
  • 14:00 Quick visits to members’ crofts, woods, and building projects
  • 15:00 Panel discussion: Rewilding
  • 16:00 Panel discussion: Giving voice to forest communities – an international  perspective
  • 17:00 Panel discussion: Community Land Ownership
  • 18:00 Evening speaker: Kate Holl – Reflowering Scotland
  • 20:00 ONLINE CEILIDH with Mairi Campbell
  • 21:30 Farewell and goodnight

Each session was followed with a Q&A where you could put questions to the speakers and panelists. There was a very active live chat running all day too.

Watch Again

We recorded the event and it is available to watch online for free. The accompanying chat can be downloaded as text files (below the video).

Note that the recording below is edited with breaks removed, so timings are not as the programme and do not match the chat logs. Some sessions were not recorded at the request of the speakers. See the times below to skip to certain sessions.

Links & Presentations

Here we will add links to download presentations as well as further information requested in the chat discussion. If you are looking for something in particular, please contact us and we’ll try to add it. Please bear with us as we get permissions for links before sharing them.

  • Duncan Halley – Reforesting Norway and Scotland: Starts at 5:43 Presentation
  • Maggie Fyffe – Community Ownership on Eigg: Starts at 1:03:00
  • Joe Greenlees – Visit to the Yearnstane Project: Starts at 1:47:15
  • Isle Martin Trust – Visit to Isle Martin: Starts at 2:32:44
  • Quick Visit – The Wee Wood: Starts at 3:23:35
  • Quick Visit – The Wild Croft: Starts at 3:35:50 Website | RCW (ramial chipped wood)
  • Quick Visit – Falkland: Starts at 3:49:46
  • Quick Visit – Hut of Wellbeing: More Info
  • Panel discussion: Rewilding: Starts at 4:07:30
  • Panel discussion: Giving voice to forest communities – an international  perspective: starts at 5:08:44
  • Panel discussion: Community Land Ownership: Starts at 5:52:50
  • Evening speaker: Kate Holl – Reflowering Scotland: Starts at 6:45:35 Kate’s Report
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Duncan Pepper · November 28, 2020 at 20:03

A comment on Kate Holl’s presentation in the wonderful 2020 gathering video.
As I understand it, the only plants, so far studied, that don’t have mychorrizal relationships are brassicas. So I’d imagine fungal connections are pretty important to the flowers. I’m not expert but interest in fungi has lead me far enough to learn that most trees share their mychorrizal connections not just with each other but with other ground flora; presumably including flowers.

Dave Leslie · December 5, 2020 at 16:57

“The recording includes the live chat window.”
How do you get to see the live chat? I’m not seeing it when I look at the recording.
Even if it could be put up as a separate text file, that would be really useful

    Alan · December 7, 2020 at 18:10

    The original recording hosted by Zoom included the chat window, but they don’t keep recordings up for long it didn’t export to YouTube with the chat. I’ve added the chat log (broken into 2 files by Zoom) as a separate download.

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