Journal 61 – Climate Change

Welcome to the Spring 2020 issue of Reforesting Scotland, which looks at Climate Change. As we completed this issue, the nation entered week 3 of coronavirus lockdown and we have no idea when it will be able to be physically printed. As a result, we have decided to make a digital version available free to everyone in the meantime.

Reforesting Scotland Journal 60

Autumn/winter issue 2019: Appropriate Technology [wp_cart_button name=”Journal 60 Appropriate Technology” price=”5.00″] Contents Ninian Stuart: Loving the land in turbulent timesRichard Thompson: Natural forest reservesJudy Wilkinson & Emily Chappell: Urban huttingIvor Davies: Teaching timberDan Ridley-Ellis: Adding value through timber gradingAlternative toiletsSteffi Read more…