Doreen and Finlay, 2001Competition now open!

Doreen MacIntyre was an internationally-respected expert on forests and other environmental issues whose most recent project involved encouraging the UK’s biggest companies and public sector organisations to use paper more efficiently. To continue the spirit of her work, Reforesting Scotland with the support of the European Environmental Paper Network, is offering a prize for the smartest and most practical idea to stop wasteful paper use, and with the prize money we will help you to make your idea a reality.

Paper and cardboard are the single biggest element of our waste streams, yet paper is a highly valuable material. To make a tonne of paper requires tonnes of other resources – not only trees and land, but also water, chemicals and energy. A recent study concluded that globally our use and disposal of paper causes more climate change emissions than aviation. Reducing paper consumption can help us to shrink our environmental footprints – and it also saves us money.

Are you a school pupil with a great idea for how your school could use less paper?  A student with a wizardly technological innovation for paper efficiency? An office worker with a brainwave about how to reduce paper waste in your workplace? Or anyone else with a great idea for how our society can save paper? Taking part in this competition is a win-win situation as you can identify ways to save money whether you win the prize or not!

Please email your idea to to give yourself the chance of winning the funds to put your idea into practice. Simply explain how much paper you currently use and how much your idea would save. It couldn’t be easier!

The ideas will be judged for being innovative, practical, requiring a modest investment, testable in a real world environment, and likely to achieve measurable reductions in paper use. There is a pot of £1,000 and anyone can apply for any amount – just explain how your idea would save paper and what it would cost. The prize money must be spent on making the idea reality (see Rules below).


1. Any individual or group of individuals of any age living in Scotland is eligible to apply.
2. Entry to the competition is free.
3. Entries describing the paper-saving idea must be no more than 500 words, emailed to at any time until the fund is depleted.
4. The prize-winners will be notified as soon as a decision has been made and the judges’ decision will be final.
5. The prize money must be spent on making the idea reality. We require proof of purchase and, ideally, a photograph of your project.
6. The prize-winner agrees to their idea being promoted by Reforesting Scotland and the Shrink Paper project.
7. The prize-winner may adopt a pseudonym or remain anonymous in publicity should they wish.

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European Environmental Paper Network

If you would like to support the Doreen MacIntyre prize fund, please send a donation by cheque (marked “Doreen MacIntyre prize fund”) to Reforesting Scotland, 39 Corstorphine Hill Avenue, Edinburgh EH12 6LF.

For more information about the prize, contact Mandy Meikle on , +44 (0)1501 785 202

For more information about how and why to use less paper, visit the Shrink Paper website.