Cover of Reforesting Scotland Journal Issue 49Spring/Summer 2014: ‘Small Is Possible’

We always knew it, now here’s the proof!

Articles include:

Letter from a forest garden: how Graham Bell grows a tonne of food, literally, in his garden.

Woodland crofts: Jamie McIntyre on how local intensive management can bring additional benefits, which may be difficult to achieve under conventional management models.

Making small work: Community treeCycle and Scottish Wood.

Deer debate: Hugh Chalmers explains how circumstances made him a deer stalker and Nicky Penford calls for a new approach to the Monarch of the Glen.

Firewood: small woodland management and comparisons between Scotland and Wales.

The story of the Scottish woodlot licence.

Community Woodland: the only full member of the Community Woodland Association not located in Scotland, Hill Holt Wood has never failed to make a profit, however small, in its 12 years of trading.

Free-range learning at Falkland.

Artists in Wood: Simon Colley creates wooden wonders from spoons to stage sets.

Project Report: StarTree – cork, nuts and resin: Portugal’s long view of non-wood forest products.

Beasts of the Forest: in keeping with this issue’s celebration of the small, Strathspey ant specialist Hayley Wiswell looks at the vital role of the wood ant.

Scotland’s orchards: Crispin Hayes reports on the creation of a National Orchard Inventory for Scotland.

Last Word: Robin McAlpine on Common Weal – creating an alternative politics.

… plus news, book reviews and more.

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