Blaeberry photo from via Wikimedia Commons StarTree project is starting with an ambitious, broad survey, gathering data for non-wood forest products (NWFPs) on:

  • silviculture & land management;
  • existing market, economics and supply (including informal foraging);
  • issues of legislation, policy, funding & culture;
  • and the factors driving or inhibiting innovation.

Reforesting Scotland is co-ordinating this survey in Scotland; the same thing is happening in 13 other regions around Europe. This will provide knowledge we’ve never had about our own country, and fascinating comparisons with many others.

“Eastern Scotland” – NUTS

To fit in with the overall design of the StarTree project, the survey needs to focus on one of the four “NUTS2” regions which the EU divides Scotland into. We have chosen “Eastern Scotland” (Angus, Clackmannanshire, Dundee, East Lothian, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Fife, Midlothian, Perth & Kinross, Scottish Borders, Stirling, West Lothian), because this area contains such a broad range of NWFP activities and land use types. We hope the results will be relevant to the whole of Scotland.

This Scottish Government webpage about a review of the NUTS system for Scotland gives a good introduction to the European Union’s NUTS classification system, including maps of NUTS2 and NUTS3 areas in Scotland.

See the StarTree project page for more information about the StarTree project in Scotland.