Spring/summer issue 2019: Land Revival

The Spring 2019 issue is a special bumper edition with 12 extra pages covering the places visited and lessons learned from our Land Revival study tour. You can buy it online for the regular price of £5.00 including postage.

Andy McMullen: Don’t look back in ignorance
Bernard Planterose: Feeding an ecosystem
Alyne Jones: Taliesin transformation
Amy Clarkson: Co-creative ecology at Bamff Estate
John Sutherland: Diversification on Rannoch Moor
Georgie Brown: Realising the vision
Megan Rowland: LRT North
Land Revival mindmap
Nick Kempe: Anagach Woods
Donald McPhillimy: LRT South
Speddoch Woods: Woodlots
Jared Bowers: A personal view
Donald McPhillimy: LRT Central
Peter Caunt: Jerah and Croy
Grace Banks: Seeds of change
Artists in wood: Ripplewood
A letter from… Romania: Interactions in Transylvania
My favourite stove: Morsø Squirrel
Woodland report: Croft woodlands
Last word: Readers’ poetry

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