Autumn/winter 2017 issue

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The theme of the Autumn 2017 issue of Reforesting Scotland is ‘Wild again!’ and we take a look at ecological restoration and reintroductions.

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Articles include:
Tree line‘ by nature writer Jim Crumley,
From beavers to bears‘ by Alan Carter,
‘Reforesting Scotland’s Vision’ by Donald McPhillimy,
Rewilding Childhood ‘by Rachel Avery,
Rewilding Aberdeen’s green spaces‘ by Alan Carter,
Red routes to rewilding‘ by Peter Cairns of Scotland: the Big Picture,
‘Improving urban rivers’ by Francis Hayes,
‘Southern Scotland’s Wild Heart’ by Stuart Adair,
‘What future for Perthshire?’ by Simon Pepper,
The search for Scotland’s native forest apple‘ by Rick Worrell,

A reader writes… Restoration: we have to get this right,
Letter from… the Netherlands. Rewilding forest food production,
Woodland report: Rewilding, reforesting and regenerating,
Book Reviews: Forest gardening in practice by Tomas Remiarz; Dancing with trees by Alison Galbraith & Alette J. Willis; The nature of autumn by Jim Crumley; and The red squirrel: a future in the forest by Neil McIntyre & Polly Pullar.
Last Word: People and rewilding.