Spring/Summer 2017: Wild Harvests

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The theme of this issue of Reforesting Scotland is ‘Wild Harvests’ and we take a look at a range of wild harvests, including forest microbes and materials for tanning hides, as well as various aspects of foraging and wild food collection. We also celebrate the end of the four-year StarTree project. Some regular features relate to the theme too, with ‘Food from the Forest’ on wild garlic and ‘Last word’ considering what is wild and what is cultivated. Plus project reports from the Forest Policy Group’s Birnam conference and on Simwood, a project to bring more products to market, Artists in Wood, My Favourite Stove, and more.

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Articles include:

Collecting seeds of trees, wild flowers and grasses – Rick Worrell & Willow Walker

Foraging: not all sun and strawberries – Mark Williams

Embracing compromise: forest management for wild forest products – Dr. Jonathan Sheppard

Adding value to wild harvests: what can be learned from the rest of Europe? – Andrew Donaldson

StarTree: gleaning a harvest in a forest of acronyms – Emma Chapman

The future of coppice in Scotland – Toni Dickson

A taste of Scotland’s wild harvest – a colourful centrefold showing an array of products

Wild Harvests: traditional leather tanning – Peter Ananin

Society and networks: forest within – Jude Dunn

Artist in Wood: Lotte Kravitz

A reader writes: Norwegian land use in Scotland – Scott McG Wilson

My favourite stove: Esse wood fired cooker – David Jamieson

Book Reviews: His Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae Burnet; A Year In A Ditch by JC Jeremy Hobson; and A Tale of Trees: the battle to save Britain’s ancient woodland by Derek Niemann

Last Word: StarTree and wild products – Jenny Wong