Autumn/Winter 2016: ‘Upstream, downstream’

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The theme of this issue of Reforesting Scotland is ‘Upstream, downstream’ and we take a look at the downstream impacts of upland management. Articles look at flooding, farming, driven grouse shooting and the montane scrub habitat. Some regular features relate to the theme too, with ‘Beasts of the Forest’ on the mountain hare and ‘A letter from Norway’ dispelling some myths about upland regeneration. Plus Artists in Wood, Buildings of the Forest, My Favourite Stove, the continuing discussion over Ardvar and more.

Articles include:

Going downhill fast – George Monbiot
Thinking like a catchment – Hugh Chalmers
Tree planting and reducing flooding – a Welsh study – Miles Marshall
Shelter and sheep: a role for pastoral woodland – Andrew Barbour
Corehead: upland farming for the future – John Thomas
A way forward for the uplands – Alan Carter
My grouse with grouse shooting – Mark Avery
Montane Scrub – Diana Gilbert*

Blaeberries: foraging treasure – Emma Chapman
Letter from… Land use in Norway and Scotland – Duncan Halley
Beasts of the Forest: Mountain hare – Glenn Iason & Scott Newey*
Artist in Wood: Lionel Playford
StarTree in Wales
Buildings of the Forest: Peter Dreghorn
A reader writes: Grazing and trees in Assynt
My favourite stove: Clarke Extra Large Potbelly
Book Reviews
Last Word: Bonnie Scotland?

*Longer, fully referenced versions of the article printed in issue 54.

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