Spring/Summer 2016 – Woods and Wellbeing

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This issue of Reforesting Scotland looks at ‘Woods and well-being’. The many and obvious benefits of woodland extend from the wider ecosystem, where soils are built and flooding managed, and into our very souls. This issue is full of stories of the psychological healing which can and does take place in woodlands – from the Highlands to the Borders. Regular features include a special feature on Dick Balharry, who spent his life working to create a healthier wild Highlands where native wildlife thrives alongside people.

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Articles include:

Wellbeing and rural living by Carol Craig

Healing woodlands: a personal perspective

Voices from the healing forest

Huts and well-being: growing with huts

Nature cure by Alan Carter

Pioneering partnerships

Woods and well-being

Unfinished business: National Parks in Scotland

Dick Balharry: a life remembered by Jill Matthews

Beasts of the Forest: The plight of the mountain hare

A Reader Writes: Trees and deer – another view

A Reader Writes: Rural land tenure reform – ca’ canny, please!

Artists in Wood: Tom Cooper

StarTree Report: Germany

My Favourite Stove: the Burley stove

Book Reviews: Getting started; Willow; Native woods

Last Word: End of Life

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