Autumn/Winter 2015: Grazers!

This issue looks at ‘Grazing’, from the usual suspects of deer and sheep, to the related issues of ticks, venison and lynx. Plus our regular look at artists, beasts, stoves and orchards…

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Articles include:

  1. Creating an oasis in a desert of sheep

  2. Assessing the impact of deer on woodlands: a new method
  3. Reforesting Scotland: browsing and grazing in the uplands

  4. Woodland & hill farming production: can’t we have both?
  5. Dying native woodlands, deer impacts and weak legislation

  6. Woodlands and deer: implication for tick-borne disease risk

  7. More venison, more trees?

    Beasts of the Forest: lynx

    Artist in Wood: Jonathan Gibbs

    My Favourite Stove: the folding Firebox

    Orchard Report: Gathering the Orchard Folk

    Last Word: Big cats in your back yard?

    … plus Project Reports on StarTree and Scottish Working Woods, other news and reports, recipes, book reviews and more.