Autumn/Winter 2010: ‘Woodlands and water

  • Cover of Reforesting Scotland Journal 42First Shoots: A fish swam through it – Les Bates, forest gardener and long-term Reforesting Scotland member, introducing this year’s Annual Gathering
  • Restoring riparian woodland
  • Aliens land in Loch Ness – invasive plants in riparian woodlands
  • Refertilising Scotland – Peter Cunningham, biologist at Wester Ross Fisheries Trust
  • Blarbuie grows from strength to strength
  • Space to grow – the Secret Garden outdoor nursery
  • A taste for greys… And food from the water – Emma Chapman of the Scottish Wild Harvests Association, and Fi Martynoga, museum researcher and writer
  • Show your support for renewable heat
  • Last word: Plant trees…for a thousand good reasons – Hugh Chalmers, Collaborative Action Co-ordinator with Tweed Forum
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