A Handbook of Scotland’s Trees


A superb little guide written for passionate planters.

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For many years the Reforesting Scotland Journal, and its predecessor, The Tree Planter’s Guide to the Galaxy, contained regular “tree-planter’s guides” to the tree and shrub species of Scotland. The articles were written by a range of authors, from world experts to passionate planters. In May 2011 Reforesting Scotland launched a new book based on this much-loved series of articles.

Named A Handbook of Scotland’s Trees, it offers an in-depth description of each tree, how and where to grow it, traditional and modern uses for the wood, and history and folklore for context. The articles have been revised and updated, and some of the original line drawings are included. In all more than 40 species are covered, along with useful introductory articles for would-be planters about subjects including seed provenance, collection, storage, sowing and no-fence planting.

Woodlands consultant and RS director Donald McPhillimy has written a new guide to selecting the most appropriate trees for your location and setting. The introduction, which includes a brief history of Reforesting Scotland, is by founding member Bernard Planterose, who also looks at future challenges.

A glossary completes this handy reference. The new Tree Planter’s Guide, edited by well-respected writer and Reforesting Scotland member Fi Martynoga, is sure to delight longstanding RS members and newer friends alike.

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