We offer students a small bursary to encourage dissertations to be undertaken on the theme of ecological restoration. The grant, of up to £500, is to help with costs such as transport, materials and living costs involved in undertaking a project that is in accordance with the vision of Reforesting Scotland. Please see the rest of the website and the links to journals and projects to get an understanding of the range of work this could cover.

Rewilding is one aspect of ecological restoration, and projects concerned with aspects of rewilding, such as species re-introductions, would be considered if they were original and innovative.

Our vision is for Scotland to have a well-forested and productive landscape as well as a culture which values the contribution that trees and woods bring to our lives. Since its beginnings in 1991, Reforesting Scotland has helped bring about a transformation in the way we, as a nation, view Scotland’s forest resource and the level to which communities have become involved in managing their local woodlands.

Reforesting Scotland aims to:

  • Promote a sustainable forest culture and economy in a well-forested land
  • Develop the use of locally-produced forest goods and services
  • Encourage social and ecological restoration in forests and in wider land use
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of low-energy living based on woodland resources
  • Place the Scottish forestry situation in an international context

The bursary is available to undergraduate or MSc students but not for PhDs.

To apply write a 500 word summary of your project, how it will be undertaken, how it will contribute to knowledge of ecological restoration, what costs are involved, when it will start and finish.

Provide the name and email for your project supervisor who we will contact for a reference.

In return we ask you to write a summary of your dissertation when it is finished which, if good enough, could be expanded into a full article in our journal to help publicise your work.

Your proposal will be assessed by a panel of Reforesting Scotland directors.

There is no closing date as projects may be started throughout the year but the funding cannot be retrospective. Approximately 10 projects could be funded each year.

Email your  project proposal to Phil Knott (one of the directors of Reforesting Scotland), at . Phil can also provide further guidance if needed.

We look forward to receiving your proposals.

Past Awards

Here are some of the reports from previous award recipients: