We are offering grants towards small tree planting schemes in Scotland for members. The scheme was launched in 2019 and aims to fill the gap for tree planters who do not meet the minimum size requirements for Woodland Trust or Scottish Forestry grants. Note that community groups and schools can get free trees from the Woodland Trust and TCV (amongst others) so would not be eligible.

The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Max £250 per applicant / planting scheme
  • Total available £2,000 – first come first served basis
  • Max planting area 0.1ha
  • Anywhere in Scotland
  • Not available for schemes already underway
  • Focused on native species & edibles e.g. Scottish fruit and nut trees
  • Open to Reforesting Scotland members only

Other funding sources for non-eligible projects:

Application Process

Please complete the application form below. Alternatively you can email

Please provide details on the following:

  • Estimates of approximate scheme cost, planting area, location and planting date
  • Species to be planted / appropriate for soil / site?
  • How will trees be protected from browsing  / grazing?

We aim to respond within 2 weeks of receiving applications.

Grant Claim Process

We try to keep the process as simple as possible. Once you receive approval from us, you can source your trees and start planting. Once your trees are in the ground, send us some photos and a short summary of how it went, and we’ll make a bank transfer to you for your grant amount. We aim to pay within 4 weeks of receiving claims.

Sorry but we cannot offer grant funds up front.

Previous Supported Projects

Here are some examples of previous grants we have awarded so you can get a feel for the type of projects we support.

(to be added)

Application Form