Photo of a Community Woodland group in Laggan, Scotland

A community woodland is one controlled by the local community, through a community woodland group. The woodland may be owned or leased by the group, or managed in a partnership between the group and another organisation.

Community woodlands can deliver both ecological restoration and rural development and were key to the work of Reforesting Scotland for many years. Reforesting Scotland helped create the conditions in which community woodland groups flourished, and provided help, information and support for many individual groups.

Today, that support and cooperation is taken forward by the Community Woodlands Association. It was established in 2003 as the direct representative of Scotland’s community woodland groups with the aim of helping community woodlands across the country achieve their aspirations and potential, by supporting, representing and promoting community woodlands, both in the corridors of power and on the ground.

Some of our community woodlands activities:

  • Ongoing links between Reforesting Scotland and the Community Woodlands Association (CWA) – many people are members of both organisations
  • 2003 Community Woodlands Review. This report was part of the process of bringing the Community Woodlands Association into being
  • 2002 Community Woodlands Information Sheets Adopted by the CWA when it formed, and used until 2010 as an information pack for Community Woodlands Association members

Community woodlands updates:

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