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was a project conceived and developed by Reforesting Scotland to promote its vision for a restored landscape supporting a woodland culture. People are at the heart of this vision and are the heart and soul of this book. Ideas were drawn from archive material from the Reforesting Scotland Journal and from Reforesting Scotland’s living network of people who are active in woodlands in all kinds of ways. The stories were collected by Sam Bridgewater, Heather Kiernan, Fiona Martynoga, Ray Penman and Fay Young. Many people, including authors, photographers and artists, contributed their time, expertise, writing or images free, or at a less than commercial rate, and without this support publication would have not been possible. Ian Edwards, who at the time was one of Reforesting Scotland’s directors, managed the project on behalf of Reforesting Scotland and was the book’s overall editor.

The book is filled with articles about people working or playing with woodlands, wood or woodland products in Britain. It covers wooden buildings, harvesting wild products, art and crafts, working with groups and the community woodland movement. In over forty personal stories we learn of the lives of people who are part of the resurgence of interest in woodland matters that marks the 21st century. Woodlanders contains both inspiring stories and a generous supply of gorgeous photographs.

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