The Reforesting Scotland Journal

If you’re looking for a lively magazine covering a wide range of issues around sustainability and forest culture, the Reforesting Scotland journal is for you. Published twice a year, in full colour, for 20 years it has ranked among the UK’s best ecological publications.

It’s packed with great writing on everything from rewilding to land reform, huts to native tree nurseries, as well as some vigorous debate on the politics of developing a sustainable forest-based culture. You’ll also find it is beautifully presented and published to the highest environmental standards of recycled paper and vegetable-based inks. Take a look at the back issues for a taste of the fantastic resources that are to be found in its pages.

Why not join Reforesting Scotland and receive this lovely journal twice a year? As well as becoming part of a lively network of forest-minded people, you’ll be supporting Reforesting Scotland’s work, and will have the opportunity to come to our great Annual Gathering – always full to the brim with interesting study visits, workshops and of course our famous ceilidh, which once nearly brought the roof down at Kindrogan Field Centre!

Alternatively, if you would like to buy the Journal without joining here’s how.