StarTree stakeholder group

Initial briefing note - information for potential RSG members

Initial briefing note – information for potential RSG members

The StarTree project gave Reforesting Scotland the opportunity to bring together a small number of people to form a ‘regional stakeholder group’ (RSG), to help guide and inform our StarTree work.

The basic ask was that RSG members came to a one-day meeting, with the hope that they would then attend 3 subsequent meetings over the course of the next 3 years, to have a further input into the project, to hear how it was developing, and to help disseminate the results.

From RS’s point of view, these meetings were amongst the highlights of the work. We already had contacts among people around Scotland who represented a range of perspectives and expertise on the production, management and use of non-wood forest products. The RSG meetings gave us a chance to bring some of these people together for a day, along with others we didn’t already know, resulting in some very useful exchanges of views and meetings of minds.

We were able to take some direction from the group’s suggestions. Most of the work we had to deliver over the 4 years of StarTree had already been defined at the project planning stage, before Reforesting Scotland joined the consortium, but we had some leeway in our “in-depth case studies” and especially in our Action Research.

1st meeting, 13 November 2013



 Actions – woodfuel

Actions – steps towards creating a baseline survey of Scottish NWFP sector

2nd meeting, 23 July 2015

By now nearly two years of the StarTree project were finished, making this a good time to review the questions put to Reforesting Scotland’s researchers during the first RSG meeting, to see what answers we had to any of them by now. There was less to report than we’d expected – we were only just learning how long it can take for published outputs to emerge from a four-year research project. So we gave advance notice of some planned outputs, and then focused on what could be achieved in the part of the project which RS was free to design, the Action Research.


3rd meeting, 15 April 2016

Presentations & meeting content

4th meeting, 24 October 2016

Presentations & meeting content

Coppice Festival - initial partners - slide from presentation at 4th StarTree Regional Stakeholder Group meeting, Scotland

Coppice Festival – initial partners

4-year hazel coppice - photo by Fred Conacher

4-year hazel coppice – photo by Fred Conacher – link to Scottish Coppice Forum