Meetings & field trips around Europe

Every six months throughout the 4-year StarTree Project, representatives of each partner organisation met for a General Assembly meeting, starting in November 2012 with the Kick-off Meeting, and ending in October 2016 with the Wild Forest Products conference.

For the majority of each meeting we simply met for workshops and presentations in a functional, usually urban meeting venue in the host partner’s country. The venues were varied, and sometimes gorgeous, but these working meetings provided only the driest and most theoretical of links to the forests of Europe and their products.

But during most of those meetings, we were also taken out for a day to experience something of the woodland products of our host country. These days were the “Knowledge Exchange Events”.

The Reforesting Scotland Journal is published once every six months, so an article on the latest meeting or KEE was commissioned for each Journal issue from 47 through to 55. These articles are listed below, along with links to other items for each event, such as news items on the StarTree project website.

November 2012, Barcelona
Truffle hound ready for action during the STAR TREE study trip to Catalonia

Spring 2013, Riga

October 2013, Lisbon
StarTree participants wandering under stone pines in Portugal

April 2014, Styria
StarTree participants on a wild herb walk in Styria, Austria

October 2014, Padova
Crickets in semolina, served during the StarTree meeting in Italy

May 2015, Joenssu
Finnish lake, photographed by Sarah Adams during a StarTree visit

November 2015, rural Germany

Participants at the StarTree General Assembly meeting in Germany, photo by Minna Korhonen

May 2016, Bangor
Wild Forest Products Fair
People at the 2016 Wild Forest Products fair, North Wales. Photo from the StarTree website.

October 2016, Barcelona
shutterstock_388301275_Mikhail Anikaev_350.jpg