This section of the Reforesting Scotland website showcases Reforesting Scotland’s work as part of the StarTree research consortium.


StarTree project visit to the Hermanni winery. Photo provided by the StarTree consortium.

Work led by Reforesting Scotland

Foraging in the woods during the 2016 Scottish Wild Harvests Association Gathering

  • StarTree action research – Initiatives to support Scotland’s wild forest product sector
  • StarTree stakeholder group – Experts from around Scotland who gave their time to hear about StarTree outputs and to help inform and direct Reforesting Scotland’s work

StarTree consortium activities

There were four core academic themes:
Blaeberries – photo by Kauko Salo

Consortium meetings were also used for discussions & field trips:
Truffle hound ready for action during the STAR TREE study trip to Catalonia


Cover of the StarTree Policy Brief

Image of the printed Marketing Insights material

For more information contact the Reforesting Scotland office:
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