Reforesting Scotland’s Thousand Huts Project believes that a culture of recreational hut use could benefit people in Scotland greatly. Hut life brings people closer to nature. It cultivates practical skills in low carbon living, as well as fostering a spirit of community and co-operation. The physical and mental health benefits are without doubt, especially in these days of high levels of obesity and anxiety in children and teenagers. Ultimately, hutting helps grow a sense of empowerment and dignity through the creation of a beautiful, simple, low-impact hut.

Since its launch in 2011 the campaign has successfully achieved:

  • New planning policy supporting low impact huts for recreational use
  • New building regulations supporting safe, sustainable hut construction
  • A 40-page guide to huts and planning permission
  • A 70-page technical guide to good practice in hut construction
  • A robust Voluntary Code of Good Conduct between hutters and landowners to help create fair leases and formal agreements protecting the rights of both parties.
  • Planning permission for a Pilot Hut Site of 12 huts on public forest land, plus the creation and development of Carnock Hutters Group to take the site forward
  • 8 major hutting events, each for up to 250 people, plus countless smaller events, seminars and workshops for specialist groups such as planners, landowners and prospective hutters
  • Around 10,000 supporters