Reforesting Scotland Issue 50, Autumn/Winter 2014

Our 50th issue took the theme “Restoring the Land and the People”

Editorial p5


Feature articles include:

From wet desert to woodland economy p8

Bernard Planterose


A native woodland journey p11

Alan Drever


Trees for Life p13

Alan Watson Featherstone


Coigach-Assynt Living Landscape p15

Viv Halcrow


Natural capital p17



Giles Laverack


Talking about deer p19


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  3. The Scottish Green Party. 1988. A rural manifesto for the Highlands: creating a second great wood of Caledon.

John Muir Trust


Participation ecology p21

Alan Carter


My journey with Reforesting Scotland p23


  1. Forest Ownership in Scotland. A scoping study. Forest Policy Group, 2012. This report can be read at

Andy Wightman


Rewilding  p25

George Monbiot


Huts p27

Lesley Riddoch


Where are they now? p29

Alastair McIntosh: and


Forest Policy Group p31


Jamie McIntyre:


Native Woodland Discussion Group p32


Coralie Mills


Reclaiming the land p39


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Justin Kenrick



Regular articles

Beasts of the Forest: the beaver p33

Paul Ramsey


StarTree: Austria p35

Emma Chapman


Artists in Wood: Tim Stead p37


  1. Tim Stead, object maker and sower of seeds, Maggie Stead Lenert. (No Butts Publishing 2014. Limited edition of 500)
  2. Explorations in Wood, Giles Sutherland. (Canongate 1993 and No Butts 1996

Fi Martynoga


Food from the Forest: sea buckthorn p45

Willow Walker


Last Word: Forests of the future p46

Ian Edwards


News Items pp6 & 7


Native Woodland survey of Scotland:

Land Reform Review:

FC Starter Farm Initiative:


Book Reviews

Where do camels belong available from Amazon or Waterstones

The eagle’s way

Caledonian dreaming

The new Sylva


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