Our 52nd issue explored the subject of “Grazers”

Editorial p5

Feature articles include:

An oasis in a desert of sheep p9

Fuggo and Geoff King

Assessing the impact of deer on woodlands: a new method p11

Helen Armstrong and Kate Holl

Reforesting Scotland: browsing and grazing in the uplands p14

Hugh Chalmers

Woodland and hill farming production: can’t we have both? p17

Chris Badenoch

Dying: native woodlands, deer impacts and weak legislation p20

Mike Daniels

Woodlands and deer: implications for tick-borne disease risk p25

Lucy Gilbert

More venison, more trees? p27

Crispin Hayes

Regular articles

Beasts of the Forest: lynx p23

Steve Piper

StarTree in Finland p32

Toni Dickson

StarTree Assembly p33

Emma Chapman

Scottish Working Woods p34

Nick Marshall and Toni Dickson

My favourite stove: the Folding Firebox p37

Nicky Penford

Artists in wood: Jonathan Gibb p30

Fi Martynoga

Orchard report: gathering the Orchard Folk 39

Crispin Hayes


Food from the Forest: eat the enemy p29

Fi Martynoga

Last Word p42

Niki Rust

News Items pp6 & 7


People’s Pilgrimage

Fi Martynoga

New Scottish Forestry Grant Scheme

Community Woodlands Awards

Forestry benefits

ASHS new Journal

Nick Marshall

Doreen MacIntyre Prize

Book Reviews p40

Getting Started in Your Own Wood by Julian Evans and Will Rolls

Willow by Alison Syme

The Native Woodlands of Scotland by Scott McG Wilson

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