Joining RS

When you subscribe to Reforesting Scotland, you’ll:

  • Receive our journal, Reforesting Scotland;
  • Keep up to date with the latest news with regular copies of our newsletter, The Radical Rowan;
  • Have a chance to get involved in any of our projects – and start your own;
  • Be eligible to join all Reforesting Scotland’s online groups;
  • Be part of a network of people who are interested in Scotland’s forests and woodlands, and meet other people at our ceilidhs, talks and workshops and our Annual Gathering;
  • Be able to vote at general meetings and have a say in the running of the organisation.


The cost of Reforesting Scotland subscription for one year is:

  • Standard rate £30
  • Concessionary rate* £15
  • Supporting rate** £60
  • Organisational rate £50

*The concessionary rate is available to anyone who cannot afford the standard rate due to a low income.
**The supporting rate includes an extra donation. It helps us to keep RS membership and events open to those who might otherwise not be able to afford them.
These rates apply anywhere in the world.

How to join

Join online – set up an annual subscription

Join online – get one year’s membership

Download paper form

Gift subscriptions

If you’d like to by a membership for someone else, write on the paper form that it is a gift subscription or write their name and address in the ‘Additional notes’ box on the online form.

Recommend a friend for a half price membership

If you have a friend who might be interested in joining RS, you can give us their name and address below. We’ll send them a welcome pack with a back issue of the Journal and an offer of a half-price trial membership. We will not keep the details you give us on record and will not contact your friend again unless they join.